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How it works

Clean Coils 2022

Fresh-Aire UV APCO-X combines UVC light and proprietary, activated carbon technology to safely and effectively neutralize air pollutants throughout the whole home.

Safe and effective uv light

Non-ozone producing UVC light at the 254nm wavelength keeps coils clean and disinfects the air while increasing the life of your HVAC system.


Lifetime activated carbon matrix with antimicrobial finish captures and neutralizes odor-causing contaminants when energized by UVC light

Say hello to cleaner air

Did you know that the air you breathe indoors can be up to FIVE TIMES more polluted than the air outside? It's true! But fear not - our top-of-the-line technologies will keep your indoor air squeaky clean and healthy. Throughout Fresno and the Central Valley our whole-house air filtration solutions guarantee year-round peace of mind and fresher air. Say goodbye to stale, harmful air and hello to a healthier home and family!

• In-duct air purification systems
• Self-cleaning and virtually maintenance free
• Airstream, coil and drain pan disinfection
• EverCarbon cells with proprietary antimicrobial nanotechnology
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Residential Installation

Neutralizes VOCs and odors

Disinfects the coil

3-Year Advanced Lamp

Safe and effective

Whole-Home Air Purifier

Lifetime Warranty


Installations start at $799 for residential customers. Call today for a quote for your unit. 

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Breathe Easy, Your Family Deserves Fresh Air!


Whole-house air filtration installation involves integrating a high-efficiency air filtration system with your existing HVAC system to clean the air throughout your entire home. This process includes installing filters, UV lights, or a combination of both to capture and neutralize airborne contaminants like dust, pollen, bacteria, and VOCs. This is especially beneficial in areas like Fresno and the Central Valley, where outdoor air quality can fluctuate significantly.

Whole-house air filtration installation significantly improves indoor air quality by removing a wide range of pollutants. High-efficiency filters trap particulates such as dust and pollen, while UV lights neutralize microorganisms and eliminate odors and VOCs. This comprehensive approach ensures that the air inside your home remains clean and healthy, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies.

The benefits of whole-house air filtration installation include improved indoor air quality, reduced allergens and pollutants, better respiratory health, and protection against viruses and bacteria. In Fresno and the Central Valley, where air quality can be compromised by agricultural activities and wildfires, having a robust air filtration system is crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment.

The cost of whole-house air filtration installation varies depending on the type of system, the size of your home, and specific installation requirements. On average, homeowners in Fresno and the Central Valley can expect to spend between $500 and $3,000. Investing in a high-quality system can provide long-term health benefits and improve overall indoor air quality.

Whole-house air filtration installation typically takes a few hours to a full day, depending on the complexity of the system and the existing HVAC setup. Professional installers will assess your home’s needs, recommend the best system, and ensure that the installation is done correctly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Yes, a whole-house air filtration system equipped with UV light technology, like Fresh-Aire UV’s APCO-X, can effectively neutralize viruses and bacteria. This is particularly important in maintaining a healthy indoor environment in regions like Fresno and the Central Valley, where air quality can be impacted by various environmental factors.

Yes, professional installation is highly recommended for whole-house air filtration systems to ensure proper integration with your HVAC system. Professional installers have the expertise to assess your home’s air quality needs and install the system correctly, ensuring it operates efficiently and effectively.

Maintenance for a whole-house air filtration system includes regular filter replacements, cleaning UV lamps, and annual professional inspections. Proper maintenance ensures the system operates efficiently and provides clean air consistently. In areas like Fresno and the Central Valley, where air quality can be variable, regular maintenance is crucial.

Yes, whole-house air filtration installation is highly effective at reducing airborne allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. This can significantly alleviate allergy symptoms, making it an essential addition for homes in Fresno and the Central Valley, where pollen levels can be high and contribute to allergic reactions.

Hiring Nalk for whole-house air filtration installation in Fresno and the Central Valley ensures you receive expert service and top-quality products. Nalk’s team of highly trained professionals provides personalized assessments and reliable installation of systems like Fresh-Aire UV’s APCO-X, known for neutralizing airborne contaminants effectively. They offer comprehensive maintenance services, including filter replacements and annual inspections, ensuring your system operates efficiently. Choose Nalk for customized solutions and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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