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Meet the dedicated team at Nalk Air Conditioning and Heating. With over 35 years of service in the Central Valley, our experienced professionals are the cornerstone of our success. They bring unparalleled expertise in HVAC services, ensuring every Fresno home and business enjoys top-tier heating and cooling solutions. Our team's commitment to excellence is evident in every project, making us a trusted name in the community for all HVAC needs.

Larry Metheny

Owner, CEO

Larry Metheny

With over four decades of experience in air conditioning, Larry Metheny's journey from Lubrizol Oil Company to founding NALK Air Conditioning and Heating is a testament to his passion and commitment to quality service.

Larry Metheny's journey in air conditioning began in 1975 at Lubrizol Oil Company in Texas, where he honed his skills for a decade, working on a wide range of units and chillers. In 1979, he launched his own air conditioning business in Texas, and later taught at San Jacinto College. Moving back to Fresno in 1985, he established NALK Air Conditioning and Heating, bringing his extensive experience to the business.

As the Lead Technician at NALK for decades, Larry imparted his knowledge hands-on in the field. His current role encompasses being the estimator and service manager, focusing on maintaining the company's reputation for quality and a family-oriented approach.

Larry's educational background includes specialized training in air conditioning systems, along with practical experience spanning several decades.

Outside of work, Larry is a devoted father and grandfather, enjoying fishing, camping in his motorhome, target practice, riding quads, and exploring in his side-by-side.

Larry finds immense satisfaction in nurturing a close-knit team and delivering unparalleled service in the HVAC industry, reflecting his passion for both technical excellence and family values.


Office manager

Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer Stevens, NALK's Office Manager, is a versatile professional with qualifications in Administrative Assistant and Culinary Arts. Her dedication to both office management and family life adds a personal touch to her role.

Jennifer Stevens, the Office Manager at Nalk Air Conditioning & Heating, is the driving force behind our seamless daily operations. With a rich tapestry of skills, Jennifer's expertise extends from culinary arts to administrative proficiency. Her role at Nalk is pivotal, where she ensures efficiency and innovation are at the forefront of our office management.

Her educational background is diverse, holding a Culinary Arts Degree from the Institute of Technology and an Administrative and Office Automation certificate from Reedley College, her hometown institution. This unique blend of culinary and administrative talents enables her to lead teams effectively and manage operations with a creative and meticulous approach.

Before joining Nalk, Jennifer honed her skills in the food service industry, amassing over 15 years of experience. Her ability to streamline processes and introduce updated resources and technology has been instrumental in enhancing Nalk's operational efficiency, keeping costs low, and elevating customer satisfaction.

Outside of work, Jennifer's passions are deeply rooted in her love for family, music, cooking, and her affinity for the beach, where she finds joy and relaxation in long walks along the shore. Her multifaceted interests and skills not only enrich her personal life but also add a unique flavor to her professional role at Nalk Air Conditioning & Heating.

Office Manager since 2018


HVAC Technician

Ruben Rivera

Celebrating over 15 years of exceptional service with NALK, Ruben Rivera's dedication shines through his commitment to teamwork and his love for fishing and family moments.

Ruben Rivera, an HVAC Technician since 2003, has been a vital part of Nalk A/C & Heating since 2003. He values the opportunity to meet new people and build trusting relationships with customers. Outside of work, Ruben enjoys spending time with his family, fixing old cars, riding dirt bikes, and coaching. A dedicated 49ers fan, his loyalty and enthusiasm extend beyond his professional life, reflecting his deep commitment and passion.


HVAC Technician

Lorenzo Castillo

Lorenzo Castillo's diverse skills, including HVAC expertise and a passion for playing bass guitar, enrich his role as an HVAC technician at NALK.

Lorenzo Castillo, an HVAC technician and installer with an impressive tenure at Nalk A/C & Heating since 2010, places a premium on customer satisfaction. In 2015, he further enriched his expertise by obtaining an HVAC certificate and Universal EPA Certification from the Institute of Technology. Lorenzo's deep commitment to his craft is evident in his passion for solving intricate HVAC challenges and his genuine enjoyment of meeting new people. Beyond his professional life, he cherishes family moments with his kids and maintains an active lifestyle by engaging in various sports. This well-rounded approach embodies his dedication to excellence in both his personal and professional endeavors.


HVAC Technician

ben olivas

Ben Olivas, an HVAC technician since 2010, is a customer-focused expert with a passion for fishing and playing the bass guitar, making his work at NALK exceptional.

Ben Olivas, a seasoned HVAC technician, embarked on his career journey after graduating from IOT HVAC in 2010. With over a decade of experience working on heaters and air conditioners, Ben has honed his skills in various techniques and processes for fixing and installing HVAC systems. What truly ignites his passion is the daily opportunity to meet customers, establish new friendships, and educate families and business owners about the pivotal role a well-maintained HVAC system plays in their lives.

His dedication to excellence is evident in his certifications, including EPA and Tracpipe. Beyond his professional life, Ben finds solace and adventure in our local valley lakes, where he often takes his sons fishing. When not on the water, he cruises around town on his motorcycle and channels his creative spirit by playing the bass guitar.

Ben's invaluable contribution extends to the heart of Nalk A/C & Heating, where he cherishes the sense of belonging to a great team. His commitment to his craft, love for his family, and zest for life outside work define a well-rounded individual who brings both expertise and a vibrant spirit to every endeavor.

NALK Service Van

HVAC Technician

Juan Guerrero

The newest addition to the NALK team, Juan Guerrero, brings a background in park maintenance and a swift diagnostic approach to HVAC issues. His love for outdoor activities and movies complements his role, which he values for the teamwork it offers.

Juan Guerrero, our newest HVAC technician, arrives with a background in park maintenance from the City of Fresno. As an installer and tech at Nalk A/C & Heating, he leverages his experience to diagnose and efficiently resolve heating and cooling issues. Juan takes pride in swiftly identifying inefficiencies and restoring systems to peak performance. His qualifications include HVAC certification, a Type 1 Certificate, and an EPA License, earned through courses at Fresno City College.

Beyond work, Juan's passion for fitness, nature, and outdoor activities like hiking and BBQs shine through. He enjoys quality time with his girlfriend, watching movies, and spending moments with family and friends. His newfound team at Nalk is what he cherishes most in his role, helping to foster a sense of camaraderie.


Our team, in action

For over 35 years, our team has been deeply rooted in serving the Fresno and its surrounding communities, providing tailored HVAC solutions for families and businesses. Our extensive experience in Fresno, Madera, and Clovis equips us to understand and address the unique heating and cooling needs of each area. We're not just servicing units; we're ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our neighbors in every job we undertake.

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