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With Nalk's free 2nd quote service, you receive a complimentary second opinion on HVAC quotes for both residential and commercial needs. Enjoy transparent pricing and expert assessments from licensed contractors, ensuring you make informed and budget-friendly decisions without hidden costs.
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With Nalk, you'll never have to worry about hidden costs or overpaying for HVAC services. We offer free 2nd quotes with down-to-earth pricing to ensure you’re only considering replacing or repairing the items you need to.

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Get peace of mind with our complimentary second quote. Our seasoned technicians provide a thorough assessment, guaranteeing that you're informed and confident in your repair or replacement decisions.

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Call us at 559-277-8448 and tell us about the quote you got from the other guys. 


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Get a free 2nd quote from Nalk to compare with your existing HVAC quote.


Read the answers to some of the most popular questions.

What services does Nalk AC and Heating provide?

Nalk AC and Heating offers installation, maintenance, and repair for residential and commercial HVAC systems.

How do I request a free second opinion on my HVAC quote?

Call 559-277-8448 to schedule your free 2nd Quote.

Why should I get a second HVAC quote?

To compare pricing, service quality, and ensure you are receiving a fair deal.

What information should I have ready for my HVAC quote?

Details about your current system, home size, and specific HVAC needs.

Are there any costs associated with getting a second HVAC quote?

No, our second opinion quotes are completely free.

Can I get financing for my HVAC installation?

Yes, we offer financing options to make your HVAC upgrades affordable.

What should I do if I have questions after receiving my quote?

Contact our team for further assistance and clarification. We’d love to discuss why our quote differes from “the other guys”. 

Do you offer any special deals or discounts?

Ask about current promotions and discounts when you call.


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